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Let us plan your next conference!

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Sometimes planning your next work conference or getaway can be overwhelming. We’ve come up with some questions you can ask to make sure you get what you’re looking for.


How to Choose a Conference Venue

The business of choosing an ideal venue for your conference is one that can rather daunting, because it is really important that you get it right. However when choosing a venue for your conference you need to consider many things and you cannot solely focus on how much money you have.


How Suitable is the Venue?


Is the venue a true reflection of the company’s image’?

Will it meet the needs of this meeting?

Will it appeal to the target audience?

Will the venue provide the best experience for the guests?


Finding a Location

Finding a location should rank very high on your list because it could very well determine whether or not your conference will be considered a success or failure. Do you want a conference in Cape Town or one in Johannesburg?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Is the location easily accessible?

Does the location offer the necessary road/rail/air links?

Does the venue offer any additional attractions that will appeal to the tastes of the guests

What is the general ambiance? Will it generate interest?

How safe is it?

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